Chris W. Lane:

Antique Print and Map Expert

Chris Lane has worked in the antique print and map world for over forty years. In 1982, he founded The Philadelphia Print Shop with partner Donald H. Cresswell. In 2010, Chris moved to Denver and opened The Philadelphia Print Shop West, which he ran until it closed in June 2022.

Over the last four decades, Chris has bought and sold antique prints and maps, providing well-researched and documented inventory at fair prices. He has worked with private individuals, beginner and advanced collectors and institutions such as the Library of Congress, Clements Library and the American Antiquarian Society.

Chris has written numerous scholarly catalogues, guides, articles and books, lectured around the country and overseas, and curated museum and library exhibitions. For over twenty years Chris was a print and map expert on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow.

While no longer owning a print shop, Chris will stay involved in the map and print world. He offers some of the services below. Chris is also happy to try to answer general queries related to prints and maps and he will continue to make posts to his Antique Prints Blog and send out occasional newsletters. 

If you have a question, I would be happy to be of assistance if I can. I am interested in helping to spread knowledge about antique prints and maps and have tried to include useful information for those with questions in this field.

Please note, however, that I am mostly retired and there are limits as to the assistance I can offer.
If you have questions about prints, maps or related books, please try to follow the suggestions below to see in what manner I will be able to help. This will save both you and me time and will make the whole process more efficient. I will try to answer all queries sent to me, but it may take some time before I can respond, so please be patient.

Looking for a particular map or print

I am no longer in the trade, but have many contacts who are. If you are seeking a parituclar item, I can let you know if I know where one might be available, or I can keep your ‘wants’ on file in case I come across one in the future.

Question about a map or print you own

I have tried to include lots of information about antique maps and prints in my on-line reference library. Check there first, but if you cannot find an answer, you can send me an email and I will see if I can answer.

Question about the value of a map or print you own

You can read about the appraisal services I offer on the appraisal page. Note that because I am a professional appraiser, it is unethical for me to provide specific valuations at no charge.


Click through to learn more about appraisals, fees, and associated information.