Glossary of Printmaking Nomenclature and Abbreviations full reference library Table of Contents Abbreviations & Meanings A.f Meaning A.P. Artist’s Proof Appresso Published by Apud Published by Aquaforti fecit, aquaforti, Aquaf., Aq. Etched by Aquatinta, aq:tinta Aquatinted by A.V. Augusta Vindelicorum; that is, published in Augsburg, Germany Bon á tirer, B.A.T.Proof print for use by the […]


Dictionary of Terms on Antique Prints full reference library Table of Contents A After: A print is made after an artist if the printmaker copied the image from a drawing or painting by that artist. À la poupée: A print is printed in color à la poupée when colored ink is applied directly to a plate’s surface and worked into the […]

What Is a Print

In the most general terms, a print is a piece of paper on which a design has been imprinted from a matrix made of some selected medium, usually stone, wood, or metal. In an original print the matrix is made by hand, as opposed to a reproduction, which is made by a photomechanical method. Any print issued prior to 1900 is considered to be an antique print, though non-mechanically made prints published before World War II are sometimes considered to be antiques.


The following are the important factors involved in archival framing. Matting material should be 100% cotton rag. Of the many types of mat board available, we recommend 100% cotton rag mat board when framing a map or print. Cotton fiber is 99% acid-free; it is then buffered to pH 8.2 with an alkaline reserve of 2-3% to counteract environmental acids and air pollution which may come in contact with the art.


The following are the important considerations in the preservation of art on paper. Nothing acidic in contact with the artwork. The most common agent that causes the destruction of art on paper is acid. This can come from the use of either wood backing in a frame or wood-pulp mat board for the art piece. If the artwork has been in contact with such material in the past, it should be deacidified, as acid will likely have migrated from this material and currently be present in the artwork itself.